9 Easiest Things to Cook on the Fire while Camping

1. Pasta

To cook pasta all you need it bring is a pot. Obviously to cook the noodles just boil the water and add the pasta. If you want you can add in sauce if you have it.

2. Potatoes

The easiest way I have found to cook potatoes is to wrap in tin/aluminum foil and throw in the coals of the fire.


3. Hobo Pie

Im not sure if anyone else calls them Hobo Pies but this is honestly the best thing to make on a fire in my opinion. You will need a hobo pie maker, bread and filling. The maker if made out of cast iron so make sure to add butter or something for the sticking. Add the bread to both sides of the maker then add filling. For the filling I suggest any kind of pie filling, peanut butter and jam or pizza ingredients (sauce, cheese and meat).

Hobo Pie

4. Steak

You can cook a mean steak on the fire. You well either need a pan or a metal rack. With the pan put it on the coals and cook on either side like usual. If you are using a metal rack make sure the heat is evenly distributed and far enough away from the fire it will not get charred. If you have to room to bring a little extra I recommend some spices.

5. S’mores



6. Hot Dogs

Again you do not want to put the hot dog in the flame as it will char, you want to evenly cook the meat on the coals. You can also have some fun and have spider dogs.

Spider Dog

7. Eggs

Eggs any way is easy to make with a fire.

8. Oatmeal

Just add water! I also just found out most oatmeal packages are designed to hold the water in them so you do not need to carry around bowls or anything extra!

9. Fish

We think the best way to cook fish on the fire is to put it in tin/aluminum foil. Add some lemon, salt and pepper wrap it up and cook on coals.

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